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HHJ Trading Ltd.

Setting trends and going sustainable

HHJ Trading Ltd. is both an ecommerce seller and a manufacturer. Its skilled and committed sales team constantly develops new frame styles to stay on trend, researching the potential of new products across the UK, Europe and the US – all designed to keep customers coming back for more.
Thirty years of experience allows the firm to source, manufacture and supply a new product in less than a week. They are committed to providing customers with the best service in the industry, innovative products that represent superb value, and expert advice and support. HHJ Trading asked Ranpak to help improve packaging, switching from plastic to a sustainable and more visually appealing alternative.

Customer needs

Reducing damages

Over the last 6 years, traditional plastic packing materials were used by HHJ Trading. All of the firm’s frames contain glass (not Perspex), making them difficult to protect. The challenge was to show that Geami – a paper-based and 100% sustainable packaging solution – could perform as needed, giving an optimum level of protection.

Improving sustainability

HHJ Trading wanted to help the environment by reducing their plastic use. At the point when their packaging review project started, they were using an articulated lorry full of plastic air bubble every week.

Enhancing the customer experience

A customer’s product journey is vitally important to the company, all the way from initial marketing, to purchase, to manufacturing and delivery. An especially crucial part of the journey is at the end – a good unboxing experience. ‘Happy’ is acceptable, but HHJ Trading aims to be great.

Our solution

Geami® packing materials were proposed as a solution that would not only protect products but also enhance HHJ Trading’s customers’ perceptions of the brand and product value – improving on packaging previously seen as cheap and disposable.

The two-layer Geami HV solution, using interleafed tissue paper and Kraft die-cut brown paper, conveyed an impression to customers of ‘packed with care’. The end result was a beautifully presented package, and frames that were intact on arrival.

Operations during the peak season (Q4) proved the reliability of the new machines. Our converters maintained full efficiency across 12 hour work days for 8+ consecutive weeks.

Business results

Fewer returns

No increase in damages resulted from switching to Geami packaging. Despite the fragility of the frames, HHJ Trading was able to maintain excellent levels of product protection, and the very -low level of returns needed by any business supplying fragile products.

Sustainable packaging

Customer satisfaction with the new solution was very clear from extensive online feedback. The new packaging was a big plus for the firm, and for customers in all of the countries where packages are delivered.

Happier customers

By using Geami, the firm enhanced presentation of a handmade product. The look and feel of the package, and a premium unpacking experience, made the new materials an outstanding fit for the HHJ Trading brand.

  • “We found that Geami went beyond ‘doing the job’ – positive reviews written due to our switch from plastic to recyclable packing were proof we made the right decision. Never before had we received positive posts on Instagram and other social media purely about the packaging.”

    Tim Jordan Director HHJ Trading Ltd.

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