Power of Paper

Ranpak has always believed in the power of paper

Sustainable solutions

Packaging material with a future

Paper is one of the most sustainable products, made from renewable resources. It is biodegradable, and easily cycled back or used for renewable energy.

With Ranpak, what’s good for the environment is also good for the bottom line. Paper outperforms many in-the-box product alternatives, especially when considering indirect costs such as handling & storage, employee safety (e.g. hazardous foam chemicals), machine downtime, and facility cleanup.

Sustainable solutions

Since 1972, we have become experts in the paper packaging industry, delivering the highest quality of protective packaging while preserving our commitment to sustainability. All of our natural packaging solutions are 100% recyclable, renewable and biodegradable. Most of Ranpak paper packaging consists of either entirely or partially recycled content. Our solutions reduce packing time and materials, resulting in significant cost savings.

Protection performance

Paper gets it there safely

  • Ranpak products absorb shocks and offer excellent protection against breakages – critical for brand image and customer satisfaction.

Time Saved = Productivity gained

Paper is fast and efficient

  • High speed and reduced handling means higher productivity and lower costs.

Superior Quality

What sets us apart

  • Ranpak offers patented paper-based protective packaging technology – results matter, and we’re a provider of choice.

Strong support & service

Long-term partnerships

  • For both local mom-and-pop businesses and global e-commerce enterprises, we can meet a huge range of in-the-box protective packaging needs.

Added Value

Recycled paper configurations

We take our green approach a step further to be the smartest choice. Paper can be recycled up to 7 times, each time changing its attributes. We capitalize on this thought by offering an array of “green paper qualities” that are recycled to different degrees to suit different applications.

Well managed raw materials

We also focus on practicing our green DNA in every part of the value chain. For instance, our Geami paper is FSC® certified to ensure responsible natural resource management.

Reduce material use

Next to ensuring the materials used are as sustainable as possible, it is getting increasingly important to reduce material usage as well. Automation systems to improve the packaging process, reduce waste and material usage are inventive solutions which Ranpak can help you with.