Ready Roll®

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A patented two-ply system, Ready Roll from Ranpak is a green alternative to plastic packaging and is ready to wrap without using the classic Geami converters.


The tissue base layer is anti-abrasion, and protects delicate products from getting scratched during handling and shipping. The honeycomb Kraft paper provides superior cushioning, and prevents breakable items from clinging each other and movements in the box during transportation. The cells also interlock each other, so there is no need for tape. Tuck open ends instead.


Ready Roll is perfect for home crafters and small business owners alike. Brands with an emphasis on organic or “green” love the 100% curbside recyclable Geami that looks as good as it protects. From essential oils and candles to dietary supplements and confections, small businesses across the globe rely on Ranpak to safely and sustainably enhance their products.

Added Value

Simple to Use

Ready Roll tears easily by hand – no need for scissors. The honeycomb cells lock together so you don’t need tape!

Enhances Products

Make Grandma’s vase look even better by wrapping it in Ranpak Ready Roll. The tissue layer isn’t abrasive against delicate finishes.

Alternative Uses

Some people repurpose used Ready Roll to start camp fires, create unique crafts, and stuff decorative pillows.

  • True Bubble Alternative

    The Ranpak Ready Roll is amazing. I like how you can easily tear off the length of packing material as needed versus needing scissors bubble wrap and surprisingly provides more cushion than you would think. For my business, we will be converting over to this instead of your standard bubble or plastic filler.

  • WOW!!! Finally!

    I’ve been looking for a solution to replace bubble wrap but couldn’t find anything environmentally friendly that made sense. This is a perfect solution! I love the way it looks and feels and it adds a nice aesthetic to my package. It does a great job of protecting my items and is very easy and convenient to use! I’ve seen Ranpak Geami in the past but never could figure out how to buy it so i’m very happy that you’ve started selling on Amazon!