PadPak System

PadPak protective packaging paper is a versatile cushioning packing material used to protect your fragile products which are manually packed in shipping boxes. The patented cushioning pad is highly shock absorbent, guaranteeing protection in transit. The paper is converted to form a patented and highly effective cushioning pad around the product - from computer monitors, radiators and replacement automotive parts to fine china, paintings, circuit boards and surgery kits.

PadPak CC

The PadPak® Campact Cushioning converter is the solution to pack and protect smaller items at the packers workstation. Due to the small footprint of the converter, the system can be placed on the workstation or on a floor stand next to it. With 1-Ply and 2-Ply options, both light and heavy products can be packed with excellent protective performance.

PadPak CC Product Advantages

Pad can be used for items of all shapes and sizes

Cost efficient

Less material needed to provide optimal protection


Unique pad design offers optimal protection

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