Wrapping applications require protection against scratching, surface abrasion and minor handling incidents. WrapPak systems convert environmentally friendly paper through patented processes into packaging that prevents damages caused by internal impact when multiple items are packed together. The WrapPak packaging also offers excellent protection for your products during shipping, reduces overall packaging costs and the paper rolls and bundles take up less storage space than other petroleum based packaging products.

Geami WrapPak M Edge

The Geami WrapPak M Edge is part of the manual product line that is a great solution for pack stations with limited space. The unit can be placed at the back end (edge) of the packing station, keeping the work area free for other activities. Both standard and heavy duty paper can be used in conjunction with the Geami WrapPak Edge. Heavy Duty die-cut paper distinguishes itself by honeycomb cells which are twice the size of the standard die-cut paper cells resulting in improved protective performance. It is very suitable for wrapping fragile and larger flat surface items within industrial segments as well as general purpose items in miscellaneous industries.

Geami WrapPak M Edge Product Advantages

Only requires a small area for set-up and storage


Can be placed anywhere at your convenience


Perfect in-the-box presentation enhances the customers unpacking experience

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