76% of US consumers want paper packaging to replace plastic

Being eco-friendly is no longer a ‘nice-to-have’ – your customers want sustainable packaging options and legislation around the world is leading to even more change.

60+ Countries

have introduced bans and levies to curb single-use plastic waste. In the US, states are making their own legislation.

7x Recyclable

paper material can be converted into new products more times than plastic, up to seven times compared to just one or two.

27 Million Pounds

of plastic air pillows were replaced with Ranpak’s paper void fill in 2021 alone, equal to 1,917 elephants.

Drive Sustainable Change For Your Operations

Simple and safe material

Paper is non-toxic and stores flat without the need to manually inflate, mix chemicals, or move barrels. Easy to manipulate without the need for additional tape or cutting blades.

Adaptable Solutions

With 50+ years of expertise in sustainable packaging, Ranpak has solutions for virtually any application within a box and the knowledge to create optimal configurations.

Sustainable and recyclable

Our paper packaging is 100% recyclable, renewable and biodegradable. Paper enjoys a high rate of recycling and is easy to dispose of in a household or curbside bin, unlike most plastic films.

Sustainable Change

Paper packaging is part of a circular economy, and with its distinctive aesthetic appearance, it’s a sustainable change your customers will appreciate.

Leading Innovations

Ranpak’s paper solutions are engineered to be materially efficient and highly protective. Our paper is stitched, folded, die-cut and expanded to provide protection for goods and the environment.

Speed and Efficiency

Ranpak’s solutions can easily integrate into any packing environment. Our engineers provide customer support to ensure a swift training and adoption.

We’re Everywhere You Are

Ranpak is the first global producer of 100% sustainable, paper-based packaging.

We are your partner in sustainable packaging and end-of-line automation, with expertise in maximizing uptime, packaging configurations, and materials use for our customers.


Protection and fixation

Cushioning is used to protect fragile items during shipping. Paper packaging can significantly reduce broken box contents and subsequent returns.

Void Fill

Void Fill

A paper-based filler offers excellent physical properties in terms of absorbing shocks and protecting sensitive products, and is also more sustainable than plastic alternatives.

Cold Chain

Keep It Cool

Thermal Packaging reduces void fill, insulates against temperature changes, and minimizes freight cost.


Prevent minor surface abrasions

Wrapping is often an important element of packaging, providing protection against surface abrasion and minor handling incidents.

Our Packaging Experts provide ideal solutions for your needs.

  • In-depth analysis of packaging configurations
  • Package testing for quality and performance assurance against your current set up
  • Ergonomic consideration to improve the efficiency of the packing line
  • A team committed to operations success and delivering value

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