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Since Ranpak was founded, our mission has been to improve the sustainability of the global supply chain. Through our focus on replacing single-use plastic packaging with paper-based packaging solutions, Ranpak has maintained this commitment to the environment, from the grant our first patent in 1970 to the development of our latest automation solutions.

Paper is a renewable resource with strong protective properties and high recycling rates. We continue to seek out new materials and innovations to increase our paper’s strength and sustainability. Ranpak is product to offer products that advance a circular economy.

Plastic is a total mismatch for single-use packaging. By substituting paper, you are taking steps to replace single-use plastic with a renewable and biodegradable material that is easily recycled into new products.

Our solutions are designed to be resource efficient and easy to use. Ranpak’s packaging engineers will develop the perfect configuration and packing method for your products, letting you pack efficiently using only the material you need.

Storing bulky materials wastes space within the warehouse that can be used to improve ergonomics. Ranpak solutions are spatially efficient. Prepare the materials you need or produce on demand and enjoy an optimized packing area.

Paper is a recyclable material that can retain its strength even after up to seven rounds of recycling. Paper recycling infrastructure is well developed and enjoys a high rate of participation in many countries around the world. This means that Ranpak products are part of a circular, less wasteful economy.

Why ship your customers air along with their products? Ranpak Automation increases your efficiency while shipping the smallest effective parcels for a consistent customer experience. Smaller parcels mean more space saved in shipping, helping reduce the resources used and emissions created by logistics.

Embracing a circular product lifecycle

Replace plastic packaging with biodegradable paper

Your packaging reflects your brand. Making the switch to sustainable packaging materials and right sized packaging helps integrate your products into the circular economy, where products are used, reused, and recycled instead of thrown out after a single use. Your customers will appreciate a sustainable, and easily recyclable packaging presentation, creating value for your business and the planet.

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