Bring superior protection and resource savings in-line.

Our FillPak Trident is a 100% paper-based packaging solution that delivers 20% in labor savings and a 15% reduction in paper usage compared to other paper-based machines. Patented triangular paper shape serves the dual purpose of void fill and blocking and bracing, potentially eliminating the use of plastic bubble and air cushions.

Build your brand and bottom line.

Lower your Total Cost of Ownership

Pack faster, with lower labor and storage costs and less material use. Minimize the number of pallets stored, wrapped, and shipped.

Optimize Your Environmental Footprint

Reduce the volume of packaging materials and use of trucks for shipping and distribution, and replace plastic-based solutions with 100% recyclable paper.

Increase Customer Satisfaction

Improve product protection while providing an outstanding unpacking experience for end-customers that eliminates waste and builds loyalty.

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