Sustainable wrapping solutions that beautify your products

Discover the 100% recyclable honeycomb paper solution that is a perfect match for cosmetics and beauty.
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Geami® is the perfect solution for wrapping and protecting cosmetic and beauty products.

By combining sustainable paper material with an iconic honeycomb texture that expands to create volume, Geami® allows you to pack products quickly and safely while replacing unsightly plastic.

Offer your customers a gorgeous unboxing moment with colors and design options to fit your branding, all while using paper material that is easy to dispose of in the home recycling bin.

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No tape. No scissors. No kidding.

All of our retail-ready solutions are fast and easy to use.

A simple, effective packaging solution for cosmetics and beauty brands

Pack without scissors, tape, or glue

Geami® improves the packing process for your employees. Simply pull, wrap, and tear the material. Honeycomb texture allows our paper to stick to itself for a neat, self-contained presentation.

Paper expands on-demand while packing faster than plastic bubbles

Our paper stores flat on a roll until needed, packing up to three times faster than plastic bubbles with fewer roll changes.

Packaging that doesn’t sacrifice aesthetics for protection

Your customers will love the distinctive, brand-friendly look that Geami® provides, all while providing up to 60% more protection in common drop scenarios than bubble wrapping when tested by Ranpak’s packaging engineers.