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As European e-commerce food and beverages sales continue to rise fast, efficient packaging, transit, and storage are more important than ever. The right packaging can reduce costs, protect the environment and minimize waste – across meal kits, online groceries, and home deliveries.

Most e-commerce food companies are seeking more sustainable packaging solutions, for the benefit of, employees and customers and planet alike. Consumers have their own sustainability objectives, and are more likely to continue buying from companies that use eco-friendly packaging.

Ranpak Cold Chain uses 100% paper-based and on-demand insulating WrapPak® Protector paper pads. Our solutions protect packages from temperature fluctuations for up to 48 hours. They prevent physical damage, and are 100% curbside recyclable, without containing any additional or harmful chemicals or plastics. Ranpak’s environmentally friendly paper converts easily into highly effective patented waved paper pads – the reliable way to keep it cool.

Improving the Cold Chain

Switching to paper is easy. Find out more below, request samples and let us know how Ranpak can help you.

Sample Kit

Want to know what our paper pads look like? How they provide a total cooling solution in combination with a cardboard box and cool packs (sustainable Recycold cool packs are included in the sample kit)? See for yourself how you can protect your products, your brand reputation and the environment by ordering our sample kit.

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Cold Chain brochure

Information on all of our paper Cold Chain solutions, covering converters, sustainability, competition and more.

Download Cold Chain brochure

WrapPak vs EPS box

Many non-sustainable EPS boxes or other plastic solutions are still used – and although they often offer good thermal protection, they cost more and impact the environment. See how paper is a good alternative for conventional plastic solutions.

Download the infographic

* Paper bowl application shown in header image are for conceptual purposes only. It is not a product offered by Ranpak.

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