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AI machine vision for optimal end-of-line packaging

Your business loses time and money every time a packaging machine jams, which makes minimizing downtime and boosting throughput crucial to optimize productivity. AI and machine vision can help. Ranpak’s DecisionTower™ uses AI to detect out-of-scope boxes, which both optimizes packing and prevents machine stops to help you realize unrivaled ROI.

It not only reduces reliance on end-of-line operators for quality control, but also captures data to prevent future errors from rough handling or faulty packaging. DecisionTower uses AI to maximize equipment uptime, customizing processes for your business.

What DecisionTower does for you

DecisionTower uses AI-assisted machine vision to maximize your end-of-line equipment uptime to tailor your business processes for operational excellence.

Quality inspection for maximum line efficiency

  • Downstream quality inspections for high-quality parcels and avoidance of unplanned machine stops
  • Pre-emptive fixing of out-of-scope boxes, enabling best machine utilization
  • Rerouting to hospital lane for reworking, optimizing continuous production flow and turning unplanned work into planned work

Data-driven insights for better decision making

  • Hard data on void levels, for compliance checks and improved packaging
  • Recorded figures on throughput, error rates, & processed versus rejected packages
  • Learn from statistics on out-of-scope boxes – fundamental data for operational improvements

Sophisticated and future proof

  • Unique 2D/3D combined computer vision: the optimal solution for multiple inspection tasks
  • AI that creates new machine-learning algorithms based on your line
  • Modular, future-proof software
  • Easy to implement and optimized for Ranpak box closing machines

The machine availability challenge

Machine availability is a crucial metric for your packaging operation, impacting the entire business. Most AutoFill™ or Cut’it!™ EVO downtime comes from out-of-scope boxes caused by manual packaging errors under pressure. DecisionTower prevents downtime by identifying potential issues before they lead to jams. Automatic inspection flags or diverts defective boxes, resolving problems before they lead to lost productivity. DecisionTower’s algorithms are refined from years of data drawn from field experience with these solutions.


Box overfill

Flag boxes filled above the crease-line or box top.

Box size check

Flag wrongly-sized boxes that are heading to upstream machines.

Box orientation check

Flag rotated boxes that can’t be processed upstream.

Empty box check

Flag empty boxes that are about to be packed automatically.

Void level measure

Register the amount of visible void, so you can analyze boxing.

Flap angle inspection

Flag boxes where out-of-scope flaps will cause jamming.

SIOC check

Flag parcels which are shipping in their own container (SIOC) for selective box handling.

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  • Conveyor speed: up to 1.2 meters / second
  • Conveyor height: 400-900 mm
  • Technology core: 2D and 3D measurement
  • Operator interface: HMI with 10.5 inch touchscreen
  • Box design: Fefco 0201, 0200, 452, 453
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  • Minimum (l x w x h): 200 x 150 x 100 mm
  • Maximum (l x w x h): 760 x 500 x 500* mm (* including vertical flaps)
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