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Automation is one crucial factor when controlling costs and raising productivity, and our range of solutions includes automated equipment designed to speed up different operations within the end-of-the line packing process.

Of course business success depends on solving many challenges, and we are here to advise you. We can help you to analyze and improve consumables costs, seasonal volume peaks, pallet filling rates, freight optimization, and any other contributors to overall costs. You will gain new insights and a wider perspective. It means you’ll have a packing process that is more efficient, has a lower Total Cost of Ownership, and is tailored to your own business needs.


Automation products

Automation Solutions

E3NEO Automated Solutions

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What’s good for the environment is also good for the bottom line.

Lower Total Cost of Ownership

Pack faster, with lower labor costs and less temporary work. Reduce the number of pallets stored, wrapped and shipped.

Improve environmental footprint

Lower the amount of corrugated needed. Reduce unnecessary voids in each parcel, and use fewer trucks.

Improve customer experience

Improve product protection and offer an outstanding unpacking experience to end-customers, for improved brand-loyalty.

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