Our Box Lining Solutions

Box lining provides a protective cushioning layer between the box and products inside. Our special developed waved paper is a stir and eco-friendly alternative to the plastic solutions that are available in the market. Due to the unique characteristics of paper our inserts offer perfect protection, are easy to handle and will even help you to save cost on your packaging operation.

WrapPak Protector

The WrapPak Protector and its waved paper pad output are perfect for a wide variety of packaging environment and a wide range of packaging applications. The output of the converter is a wide paper pad, that can cover the full box surface with just one insert. Next to this boxlining application, wrapping, blocking and bracing, interleaving and even thermal insulating can be achieved with this system. Therefor this solution replaces a wide range of existing packaging materials, ending the need to order and monitor many different stocks of boxes, plastics with aluminium coating, tapes and inserts. The WrapPak Protector (PT) converter is a highly programmable converter. A small footprint solution that can be used anywhere – at a pack table, inline or as a stand alone unit.


A single solution for many applications


100% recyclable, renewable and biodegradable

Cost Efficient

Less material, fast output and easy handling, for lower costs

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