PadPak System

PadPak protective packaging paper is a versatile cushioning packing material used to protect your fragile products which are manually packed in shipping boxes. The patented cushioning pad is highly shock absorbent, guaranteeing protection in transit. The paper is converted to form a patented and highly effective cushioning pad around the product - from computer monitors, radiators and replacement automotive parts to fine china, paintings, circuit boards and surgery kits.

PadPak AJR

The PadPak® Automatic Junior converts 2 layer paper into exceptional cushioning pads which can be used to protect products of all shapes and sizes during shipment. The converter is easy to install and move around. The PadPak AJR has all of the benefits of the PadPak JR with the added convenience of an automatic cutting mechanism, a digital interface and additional modes of operation.

PadPak AJR Product Advantages
Cost Effective

This system delivers. Converter operates at a high speed for maximum box throughput.


Paper can be used to protect random box content


Easy to use, multiple speed levels and an EDS mode

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