Wrapping applications require protection against scratching, surface abrasion and minor handling incidents. WrapPak systems convert environmentally friendly paper through patented processes into packaging that prevents damages caused by internal impact when multiple items are packed together. The WrapPak packaging also offers excellent protection for your products during shipping, reduces overall packaging costs and the paper rolls and bundles take up less storage space than other petroleum based packaging products.

Geami WrapPak HV

The Geami WrapPak® High Volume converter automatically expands die-cut kraft paper into a 3D honeycomb structure and combines with interleaf tissue to create an environmentally friendly wrapping solution on-demand at the packer's work station. The angled cells of the paper are locked together and items are firmly wrapped eliminating the need for tape. The Geami WrapPak HV greatly reduces the amount of storage space needed and is ideal for operations that require increased speed and throughput or face high demands during seasonal peaks.

Geami WrapPak HV Product Advantages

Perfect in-the-box presentation enhances the customers unpacking experience

Time savings

Improves wrapping speed and overall packing throughput

Cost efficient

Reduces material handling and takes up less storage space

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