FillPak System

FillPak offers unlimited possibilities in paper void filling. An effective way to fill empty spaces in a box to prevent your product from shifting around in transit. FillPak paper packaging material is clean, efficient, reliable and flexible. It is dispensed on-demand in a high-volume configuration, so less packaging material is required. No matter what size box you are filling or what product you are shipping, Ranpak has the paper packaging solution for you.


The FillPak system converts fanfold kraft paper at a high speed into a PaperStar™ configuration that maximizes volume, for fast and efficient void fill. Single-ply fanfold kraft paper allows the system to operate at high speeds with virtually no down time. The system can fit over any conveyor system to dispense void fill material directly into the box, making it extremely efficient for random applications. The unique design also allows users to stack and adhere six bundles of paper to maximize up-time and throughput.

FillPak Product Advantages
Time saving

Fanfolded packs of paper offer minimal handling time

Cost efficent

Runs at high speed allowing maximum box throughput


Easy to use, multiple speed levels and an EDS mode

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