A packaging material with a future

Customer satisfaction is important to every company. Not only is it important for customers to receive their product on time and in perfect condition, but today consumers are looking for an exciting experience when unboxing their online purchases. Geami WrapPak can help you not only protect your products during shipping but offers a unique unboxing experience for your valuable customers.

Speed up your process

Perfect Protection

Green Solution

Unique Presentation

Speed up your process

If your warehouse operations are highly dynamic, it is important to wrap products quickly and flexibly. With Geami WrapPak, you can easily tackle seasonal peaks and improve ease of use in packaging.

Perfect Protection

Your main goal is to bring damage rates back to a minimum. Geami WrapPak offers optimal protection for your fragile goods and maximum satisfaction rates with your customers.

Green Solution

Geami WrapPak offers a perfect way to communicate your sustainability focus and offer a green solution. As it is made out of paper, it is recyclable and friendly for the environment.

Unique Presentation

With Geami WrapPak you can create a unique unboxing experience for your customers. Surprise them with their purchased items packaged like real gifts. Your customers will feel highly valued.

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We help customers solve their biggest in the box packaging issues



Cosmetics are associated with a feeling of luxury. With Geami WrapPak, you can pack your products to enhance their appearance as a valuable gift.

Organic Foods

Products that are being produced in a sustainable way whether this means fair trade, organic, ecological or recycled represent a good story. Geami WrapPak presents similar values as a recyclable, renewable and biodegradable packaging material made from a natural resource.


Being a brand in homeware you want to express your brand image in the packaging you use to ship your products. Geami WrapPak is perfect to represent your style and brand image as you can pick the interleaf from a range of colors to match your brand.


Primary packaging for pharmaceuticals is subject to the highest standards. Shipping highly valuable products requires the best protective packaging and quick delivery. Geami WrapPak offers an effective protective wrapping material to minimize damage rates and offer a clean wrapping solution.

Gourmet Foods

As many gourmet foods are packed in fragile jars or bottles, it is key to protect them effectively with Geami WrapPak making sure no damages will occur during transport. For a perfect unboxing experience you can even choose a colored interleaf that matches your products or branding.


Packing groceries for shipment can be a complex operation in terms of the diverse challenges such as protection, high throughput and customer experience. With Geami WrapPak you can pack each product easily and fast. Geami Wrappak is flexible enough to wrap a wide range of fragile products, no matter the dimensions.


When shipping tableware, you want to minimize damage rates. Geami WrapPak is a perfect solution in effectively protecting your fragile products. Choose the interleaf color that represents your brand values and make a gift out of each purchase.




Ranpak presents a simple and more sustainable thermal packaging solution that reduces costs, saves space and minimizes overall handling requirements, compared with traditional systems. WrapPak Protector uses waved papers that suit many different box sizes and packaging configurations, for a truly flexible packaging environment. We are offering standard solutions with 1, 2 or 3 layers of paper, to reflect the requirements of ambient, chilled and frozen stored products – anything from chocolate and groceries to frozen food.


You must have heard the news: plastic is done! The time of this highly polluting, toxic material is almost over, especially now that organizations worldwide are getting more and more aware of the urgency to ban plastic.


What’s not to love about paper? This packaging material is versatile, ecofriendly and of course very classy. When you switch from plastic to paper packaging, the advantages are ample. Not convinced yet? Let’s see if our favorite qualities of paper will get you there.


Just imagine….You have a start-up website which is starting to pick up. You want to offer the best shipments on every level in order to keep your customers satisfied and loyal.


Space constraints are a big concern these days in warehouse environments. Furthermore, also 3PL organizations want to offer as many possibilities to as many different vendors as possible. Therefore space savings are becoming more and more important.


Online retailers are struggling more and more to stand out in the growing clutter of e-commerce sites. Furthermore, in a world of social sharing, the need to create an experience for the customer that exceeds their expectations is critical.


Today, consumers are changing the way they select and buy products. Online shopping is convenient, fast and offers a wide range of products and product reviews at the consumers’ fingertips. Ranpak now offers the perfect solution for smaller online retailers: the Geami WrapPak EX.

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