Ranpak sustainable packaging materials. Grow a greener retail business.

Rely on the industry-leading paper packaging solutions to safely and sustainably wrap, box, and ship your products.
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Our honeycomb packing paper solution is ready to roll.

If sustainability matters to your business and your customers, our innovative 3D honeycomb packing paper is ideal when wrapping items for safe transport. Used by specialty retailers to protect and enhance food, electronics, glassware, artwork, and more! Store easily and set up in seconds. Beautiful unboxing presentation. 100% curbside recyclable.

Geami eco friendly wrap used to protect wine bottle

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Looks as good as it protects.

Replace unattractive plastic with an eco friendly aesthetic that makes for a beautiful unboxing experience for all kinds of items!

No tape. No scissors. No kidding.

All of our retail-ready solutions are fast and easy to use. See for yourself.

Better protection without all the plastic.

Absorbs Shock

Innovative 3D honeycomb packing paper design provides loft and separation to absorb external impact and eliminate movement during transport.

Prevents Surface Abrasion

Our unique combination of kraft and interleaf tissue paper protects products from surface abrasions such as scratched paint or worn labels.

Wont Deflate Over Time

Bubble wrapping can deflate or burst, compromising its ability to protect. But our 3D kraft paper is naturally strong and stable.

Disposable and recyclable or refillable Geami® options for any size store.