The simple and sustainable alternative to bubble wrap

By: Malu Limpens

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Just imagine….You have a start-up website which is starting to pick up. You want to offer the best shipments on every level in order to keep your customers satisfied and loyal. That means minimizing damages, wrapping products like real gifts and making sure all orders arrive as fast as possible. But also taking into account that there is no actual warehouse environment and that there is not much storage space to stock packaging material.
The best would be to have a packaging solution that offers optimal protection, maximizes the unboxing experience and stimulates fast wrapping. Furthermore, a small footprint and ease of use in wrapping would be important benefits as well. For all these reasons and many more we introduce to you: the Exbox Mini.
This smart wrapping solution is specifically beneficial for small (start-up) webshops who are looking for an on-demand packaging solution which can be easily installed and stored anywhere. It does not require high investments and can help to wrap your products in a way that is environmentally friendly as well as ethically attractive.

About the Author

Malu Limpens is Marketing Communications Manager at Ranpak.