Smart engineering to solve your space constraints

By: Malu Limpens

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Space constraints are a big concern these days in warehouse environments. Furthermore, also 3PL organizations want to offer as many possibilities to as many different vendors as possible. Therefore space savings are becoming more and more important. One needs a packaging solution that has a minimal footprint. One that focuses on this need specifically combined with all the benefits Geami WrapPak has to offer is the Geami WrapPak M Edge. This solution has a minimal footprint and can easily be attached to the edge of a pack table. In this way, you save valuable space in your packaging environment.
Geami WrapPak M Edge
Next to this, Geami WrapPak M now offers the opportunity to handle industrial applications more effectively. The Heavy Duty die cut paper has a 200% die cut instead of 100% and is thereforemore suitable for more heavier items.
Geami Die Cut Paper 100% and 200%
100% Die cut (left) for retail segment, 200% heavy duty industrial segment. The cushioning power is stronger due to the bigger die cut cells and furthermore create paper savings for larger items.

About the Author

Malu Limpens is Marketing Communications Manager at Ranpak.