Ecofriendly paper and its super powers

By: Esther Janssen

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You must have heard the news: plastic is done! The time of this highly polluting, toxic material is almost over, especially now that organizations worldwide are getting more and more aware of the urgency to ban plastic. The sooner the better, companies will stop using plastic as a packaging material to go into a cleaner and greener future. However, if you want to be a precursor in this plastic free revolution, you will need a great alternative for your packaging. Of course, we suggest the power of paper! If you want to use your packaging to guarantee a safe transport of your goods, paper is the way to go. Its protective powers make sure that your product will reach its destination without any marks or dents. Wrap or cushion the product in paper and you will make sure that it is protected against the forces caused by falling, shaking or bumping. It is also flexible enough to make sure that you can fold it into every shape to protect the most vulnerable parts of any object.
We probably don’t have to tell you this, but paper is also very sustainable. It is made out of wood: a completely natural material that is entirely biodegradable and recyclable. Paper can be reused at least seven times, and even when it’s totally at the end of its run, the waste exists of completely non-toxic fibers. What’s more: Ranpak’s Geami products (brown die cut and white interleaf paper) are FSC® certified to make sure that our paper is as green as it gets. Sure, paper is protective, flexible and sustainable, but you probably want to know about appearance too: is paper packaging pleasing on the eye? Well, of course it is! Paper is a material with many faces, very easy to modify to your taste and the style of your company. As Geami points out, it can communicate an air of luxury. No matter how you want your paper packaging to look, it always shows off your environmental friendly side. Just take a look at our offer and see for yourself!

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